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UU C A R D S –
Creating/promoting/distributing religious education materials for Unitarian Universalists

• publicizes availability of a wide range of Unitarian Universalist religious education resources
• provides independent creators of curriculum resources with a communications network;
• encourages creativity in Unitarian Universalist religious education.

On this website……Updated July 2016

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How to Use this Website

To see information about a specific writer, click on the NAME. This will bring up a page that has contact and biographical information, listing of curricula and other materials with brief descriptions, and ordering information.

Looking for resources? Click on ANNOTATED LISTING. This listing gives a description of materials and may be sorted by title, UUCARDS member, target age group, and topic. When you have found an item to pursue, click on the name of the author on the home page for contact and ordering information.

To learn about the process of publishing, see the responses to of UUCARDS members to QUESTIONS.

LINKS Describes several closely related organizations that develop or handle religious education materials

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WE ARE Unitarian Universalists interested in promoting UU religious education. We are ministers, directors of religious education, religious education teachers, youth advisors, and lay persons.

UUCARDS provides creators of curricular resources with a communications network and helps Unitarian Universalist churches and other liberal groups learn about a wide range of religious education resources

UUCARDS News & Views
UUCARDS Catalog, July 2016

This Catalog includes resources for:
All Ages, various group/congregational sizes
Various faith traditions and science
Music, Journaling, Doodling, activities
Curricula (long & short term), stories, picture books
Theme-based, Small Group Ministry, Compassionate Communications
Various populations and life styles, parenting
Mother/Daughter and Father/Son connections
Star Wars, Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss, The Simpsons
UU History and Heritage
Printed materials, electronic versions, online items

Membership Benefits

*Contribute to the UU tradition of quality religious education.
*Facilitate creative religious education.
*Advertise your work through the UUCARDS website and at UU events.
*Network with other developers.

Are YOU developing a religious education resource? Do you have questions about getting your work published and made available to Unitarian Universalist churches?

Contact us -- uucards@uucards.org


PART I Membership itself
Send check for $50 made out to UUCARDS, to 60 Ridgewood Drive, Falmouth ME 04105 with the following information:

NAME ___________________________________________ PHONE ______________________

ADDRESS _____________________________________________________________________

ST./PROV. ________________________________________ ZIP _________________________

E-MAIL ____________________________ WEB ADDRESS _____________________________

PART II Send Your Information
Send the following to Helen Zidowecki at (preferred) or 32 Stevenstown Road, Litchfield, ME 04350, 207-582-5308.

Contact information (like just copy/send the above)

biographic information, especially related to UU Religious Education

Picture of yourself (optional but nice to have included)

Information about your curriculum/resources (Description, ordering ,cost)

We look forward to hearing from YOU.